The Sleep Mythbuster!: Illuminating the Facts and Fiction Towards Achieving the Sleep Healthy Neurologist

Event Time: Friday May 10, 2019 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm
ELA Type: Live Well
Topic(s): Sleep
Director(s): Logan Schneider MD
Description: In this engaging session, Dr. Schneider will focus exploring the sleep habits and misconceptions of the audience to provide insight on their  personal sleep behaviors, attitudes and knowledge in order for Dr. Schneider to provide evidence-based support for or debunk myths surrounding those views and perceptions. He will also provide the latest recommendations on how to promote sleep health in your own personal life.
Completion Message: Attendees will have a deeper knowledge of the physiology of sleep as well as a means for finding their optimal time and duration for sleeping based on attention to their body's unique physiologic needs.
CME Credits: 0.75
Core Competencies: Patient Care, Medical Knowledge

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