Improving Operational Efficiencies Through Clinically Driven KPIs

Event Time: Wednesday May 8, 2019 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm
ELA Type: Innovation Hub
Topic(s): Experiential Learning Area
Director(s): Emily Swierski
Description: With emerging advancements in data analytics, the opportunity to track operational metrics in real-time becomes a new possibility to enhance the patient experience. Combined with an increasingly complicated reimbursement landscape, this opportunity becomes a necessity in maintaining your practice’s reputation and ultimately bottom line. This discussion will involve a case study in the process of identifying meaningful operational KPIs, and the development of analytical tools needed to track these quality measures. These cross-cutting KPIs can identify or predict issues involving the patient experience, employee engagement, and workflow inefficiencies before they negatively impact your business. A focus will be placed on extracting existing data from an EMR system to be converted into a format that drives clear and concise actionable solutions.
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CME Credits: 0
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