Parkinson’s Disease Registries: Lessons from Past, Current, and Future

Event Time: Wednesday May 8, 2019 2:30 pm to 3:00 am
ELA Type: Innovation Hub
Topic(s): Experiential Learning Area
Director(s): Allan Wu MD, FAAN, Caroline Tanner MD, PhD, FAAN
Description: The California Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Registry (CPDR) was signed into law in 2004 and officially launched with mandatory reporting in 2018 with the goal to better understand population-level incidence, prevalence, and health care utilization for patients with PD in the state.  The CPDR also serves as one of the first neurologic registries launching with an option for automated electronic interface for public health reporting.  There is increasing interest in how a well-designed and implemented registries can improve our understanding of neurologic conditions, improve quality of care, while avoiding burdens on clinician workflows.   Other states have considered or have variations of the CPDR and the CDC launch of the National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System has included MS (multiple sclerosis) and PD as initial pilot conditions.  The two speakers will discuss insights from the history of CPDR, current challenges in implementation and EHR (electronic health record) integration, and what they see as a future for similar neurologic registries. 
Completion Message:
CME Credits: 0
Core Competencies: Systems-based Practice

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