Laughter Yoga Session

Event Time: Saturday May 4, 2019 8:00 am to 8:45 am
ELA Type: Live Well
Topic(s): Experiential Learning Area
Director(s): Alexa Drubay
Description: Start out the day with laughter! What is laughter? Laughter favors the prefrontal cortex and hippocampi over threat-driven amygdalae for enhanced diversity in declarative memory retrieval, and may thus broaden the range of available coping behaviors, beginning a self-reinforcing spiral of positive emotion, broadened cognition, and discovered positive meaning, e.g. enhanced shelter security. Working in the medical profession can be stressful and has been shown to be associated with high rates of burnout, anxiety, and depression, adversely affecting physicians throughout their careers, particularly in the United States. This session will introduce attendees to the history, benefits, and many applications of Laughter Yoga, a global laughter exercise movement which promotes Health, Happiness, and Peace. When you laugh, you are in the present moment and forget your problems. This laughter experience becomes not only a gift to yourself and an excellent way to connect with others but also an effective method to boost energy levels and to learn how to process life's challenges in a more positive and productive way. A typical session includes laughter, movement, singing, dancing, breathing exercises, and playfulness. It will be an up-lifting, energizing, and joyful experience, a great way to feel more creative, experimental, and free. Participants will walk away having learned some simple yet effective techniques for keeping up the laughter for themselves and how to share with others.
Completion Message: Participants will feel energized yet relaxed and will have started their morning off with a good laugh, yogic breathing exercises, and some calming mindfulness meditation.
CME Credits: 0
Core Competencies: Practice-based Learning and Improvement

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