Would You Fly With This Pilot?

Event Time: Monday May 6, 2019 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
ELA Type: HeadTalks
Topic(s): General Neurology
Director(s): Joseph Sirven MD, FAAN
Description: This session is a Neurology version of the incredibly popular Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) seminars, Would you fly with this pilot? In this session, the FAA neurology panelists will provide cases of actual pilots with neurological issues or symptoms and lets the audience decide whether they would allow the pilot to fly. The presenter and panelists then will provide the answer based on FAA decisions and rules. This highly interactive format is totally provides a glimpse of how FAA applies clinical neurology to legal and occupational medicine issues, and how the flying public, politicians and pilots perceive these high stakes decisions which impacts decide public safety and careers.
Completion Message: Upon completion, participants should wnderstand the standards and decision making process that the FAA uses to assess whether an individual is medically cleared for piloting an aircraft; focus on common neurological conditions that can preclude flying a plane such as seizures, epilepsy, hemorrhagic strokes, traumatic brain injury and migraine headaches; list which neurological medications are forbidden for a pilot to be taking that would prevent flying; and understand the legal ramifications of assessing pilots.
CME Credits: 0
Core Competencies: Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Systems-Based Practice

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