C227 - Genomic Neurology: Developing Practical Knowledge of Tools and Concepts Through Case Studies

Event Time: Thursday May 9, 2019 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Topic(s): General Neurology
Director(s): Jeffery Vance MD, PhD
Description: Genomic information is continuing to become incorporated in the clinical practice of neurology. It is difficult for the average neurologist to maintain knowledge in this ever-changing field. However, there is considerable practical genetic and genomic knowledge in updated databases on the internet that are designed for clinical use. Understanding these programs and databases and how to use them can greatly facilitate the neurologist's application of genomic knowledge into his/her practice. This program seeks to provide neurologists with knowledge of genomic databases and websites, how to use them in the application of clinical questions arising from genomic or genetic questions or data from their patients. Its emphasis is on practical experience using key websites to work through cases especially designed for this purp