C111 - Sleep for Resiliency, Recovery and Performance

Event Time: Monday May 6, 2019 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Topic(s): Sleep
Director(s): Scott Kutscher MD
Description: Sleep occupies one-third of our lives and is critically important in brain health. Across all ages and professions, sleep disorders are some of the most common pathologies to interfere with daytime function. Circadian misalignment and sleep deprivation are particularly widespread among certain populations, and lead to impaired performance, increased risk for accidents, and prolonged recovery from injury. Principles of sleep science are being applied across multiple disciplines and professions to improve recovery, promote resiliency, and increase performance. Currently there is a lack of understanding regarding the impact of sleep on general health, recovery from injury, and performance, and how sleep may not just be a symptom but a modifiable factor in brain plasticity. Sleep is still regarded in many disciplines as something that can be ignored, and that poor sleep can be easily overcome. However, an overwhelming body of research from sleep science refutes this position. Still, people and systems have been slow to adapt to these new realities, increasing risk for morbidity. This session will demonstrate how knowledge of sleep is being leveraged across medical and professional fields, applied to specialized settings to improve outcomes, and review the most recent clinical research that supports these measures.
Completion Message: Attendees will have an understanding of how sleep science gets translated to practical measures that help maintain elite performers in a variety of settings. Participants of this course will be able to understand how sleep and wake systems impact wellbeing, recovery from injury, and performance, how this science can be implemented on an individual or system-wide level in specialized settings to improve outcomes, and how to adapt this knowledge for their own practice.
CME Credits: 2
Core Competencies: Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Systems-Based Practice

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