C74 - CNS Toxicities

Event Time: Sunday May 5, 2019 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Topic(s): General Neurology
Director(s): Neeraj Kumar MD
Description: New drugs of abuse are emerging at an alarming rate as manufacturers of "legal high" products use chemicals to replace those that are banned. Many of these drugs (bath salts, spice, molly) are touted as legal, perceived as safe, and in many cases difficult to detect on standard drug screens. Despite increased public awareness, opioid overdose related deaths are on the rise. Use of biologics like TNF alpha-inhibitors and various other monoclonal antibodies may be accompanied by neurological side effects. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors, calcineurin inhibitors, checkpoint inhibitors, and proteosome inhibitors are all associated with novel CNS toxicities. Use of chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy is associated with neurotoxicity that may have a different pathophysiology than cytokine release syndrome and requires different management. CNS toxicities are also seen in context of antineoplastics, antiepileptics, analgesics, anesthetics, and antimicrobials. Neurotoxicity can occur from physical agents (thermal, electrical, radiation injuries), potentially neurotoxic environments (diving, altitude, space), and from various neurotoxins (bacterial and animal), as well as due to gases like carbon monoxide and highly toxic substances like cyanide. This course will cover the topic of CNS toxicities in a case-based format with a focus on recent developments.
Completion Message: Participants should have a clear understanding of how to diagnose and treat CNS disorders that may accompany illicit drug use, newer pharmaceuticals, physical injuries, and various neurotoxins.
CME Credits: 2
Core Competencies: Patient Care, Medical Knowledge

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