C52 - Introduction to Integrative Neurology

Event Time: Sunday May 5, 2019 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Topic(s): General Neurology
Director(s): Sarah Mulukutla MD, MPH
Description: Four pillars of integrative neurology (IN) include 1) Foundations of Neurohealth (nutrition, exercise/physical activity, sleep and stress management); 2) systems biology, including but not limited to evaluation of digestive, metabolic, cardiovascular, immune/inflammatory processes; 3) integrative therapies; and 4) patient-provider relationships. In this course, three neurologists will discuss how these tenants are utilized in clinical practice.
Completion Message: Participants will gain an overview of the diversity of Integrative Neurology in clinical practice; know how to gain access to research databases and clinical tools; and develop competence in discussing integrative therapies.
CME Credits: 2
Core Competencies: Patient Care, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Professionalism, Medical Knowledge, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Systems-based Practice

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