C158 - Leadership Strengths in Neurology: The Data, Tools and Practical Application of Strengths for Leadership, Team Building, and Personal Development

Event Time: Wednesday April 25, 2018 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Topic(s): Leadership, Leadership University
Director(s): Keri Bischoff , Julie Anderson
Description: Leadership Strengths in Neurology builds on the foundational learning in the introductory course, The Most important Tool in Your Black Bag: Gallup StrengthsFinder™ Education Workshop, which is a prerequisite for this course. Understanding the practical and specific application of Strengths is the focus of this advanced workshop. Current Strengths data in the field of neurology will be shared to address your unique needs through interactive and guided discussions as we highlight tools to improve relationships and maximize team productivity. A team-based approach is essential in all aspects of your profession: clinical, education, research. Written exercises, a personalized Strengths Development poster session, directed conversations, customized materials, and advanced StrengthsFinder™ tools will create self-understanding and an appreciation for how you, uniquely, come at the world. We often use our own perceptions when we diagnose, describe, and discover: What are yours? We see those around us through a lens of our own strength. This advanced workshop helps you look at yourself, and others, differently. This deeper understanding brings you to a more nuanced realization of how you lead and how those around may approach the very same goals in very different ways. • How can I improve my relationships professionally and socially? • How can I contribute my strengths to team dynamics and performance? Join Gallup Certified Strengths consultants Keri Bischoff and Julie Anderson in this customized half-day workshop focusing on neurology. StrengthsFinder™ assessment results must be provided prior to Advanced Workshop. *Prerequisite: Program l in the Strengths-based Leadership Series - The Most important Tool in Your Black Bag: Gallup StrengthsFinder™ Education Workshop.
Completion Message: Gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and a new perspective on those around you, including your patients, peers, and administrators. Professionally, you’ll have a better understanding of the science and data supporting Strengths-based leadership in neurology and, personally, how you uniquely come at the world and can best contribute your strengths to improve team dynamics and optimize performance.
CME Credits: 0
Core Competencies: Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Professionalism

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