C46 - The Most Important Tool in Your Black Bag: Gallup StrengthsFinders™ Assessment

Event Time: Sunday April 22, 2018 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Topic(s): Leadership, Leadership University
Director(s): Keri Bischoff , Julie Anderson
Description: "A leader needs to know his strengths as a carpenter knows his tools, or a physician knows the instruments at her disposal.” - Donald Clifton Back by popular demand, this is the foundation for all AAN Strengths learning in neurology. In this customized half-day workshop, Gallup Certified consultants Keri Bischoff and Julie Anderson will share a language for understanding your unique strengths, which has powerful application for well being and happiness. Through customized exercises, materials, and conversations this interactive workshop encourages a new perspective through your own unique lens. Using the science behind the StrengthsFinder™ assessment we’ll discover your top five talent themes, and a positive language to leverage what’s right. We’ll share ways this approach can change the culture of your organization through engagement, which leads to increased productivity, patient satisfaction, and peer understanding. Gallup research reveals that in health care, relationships are key. How can we optimize communication skills? To patients, feelings are facts: How do you relate to others, and how do others experience you? Do you know? Online assessment required prior to workshop, access code provided. *Prerequisite for Program ll - Leadership Strengths in Neurology: The Data, Tools and Practical Application of Strengths for Leadership, Team Building, and Personal Development.
Completion Message: Participants will attain actionable, customized insight into their own unique strengths, leading to greater well-being and awareness of individual and team communication styles in organizational contexts for personal and professional development.
CME Credits: 0
Core Competencies: Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Professionalism

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