S54 - Motor Neuron Disease and Myopathies

Event Time: Friday April 28, 2017 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Topic(s): Neuromuscular and Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG)
Description: A group of abstracts covering a similar topic presented in an oral format. Presentations are eight minutes in length with four minutes of question and answer. Each session concludes with 25 minutes of a discussant bringing additional context to one or more of the abstracts.
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CME Credits: 2
Core Competencies:

Abstract Presenters

Start Time Pub. Title Presenter
3:30 PM 001 Quantitative ultrasound reveals the impact of corticosteroids on skeletal muscle Maria Martucci
Dr. Martucci has nothing to disclose.

3:42 PM 002 RNA-seq for the diagnosis of inherited myopathies: a pilot study Stefan Nicolau, MD
Dr. Nicolau has nothing to disclose.

3:54 PM 003 Spread of pathogenic and non-pathogenic cytosolic proteins between motor neurons in chimeric mice Eleanor Thomas
Dr. Thomas has nothing to disclose.

4:06 PM 004 Structural organization of the brain connectome in patients with primary lateral sclerosis Silvia Basaia
Dr. Basaia has nothing to disclose.

4:18 PM 005 Connexin 43 affects disease progression and motor neuron toxicity in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Akshata Almad
Dr. Almad has nothing to disclose.

4:30 PM 006 Amyloid Myopathy With and Without Systemic Amyloidosis Teerin Liewluck, MD
Dr. Liewluck has nothing to disclose.

4:42 PM 007 Myopalladin recessive mutations cause congenital cap myopathy Edoardo Malfatti*
Dr. Malfatti has nothing to disclose.

4:54 PM 008 Development of the UK Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia registry: analysis of SPAST patients reveals high rate of psychiatric comorbidities Viorica Chelban
Dr. Chelban has nothing to disclose.

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