C201 - Multiple Sclerosis Overview I: Clinical Pearls

Event Time: Thursday April 27, 2017 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Topic(s): MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease
Director(s): Myla Goldman MD, MSC, FAAN
Description: The first step in treating the MS patient is making the correct diagnosis. To do so, one must understand the spectrum of presentations, such as first episode or MRI-only forms of MS (clinically isolated syndrome and radiologically isolated syndrome). Clinicians should also recognize alternative diagnoses or “MS mimics.” MRI is an essential tool in the early stages of diagnosis and over the course of a patient's care and management. Clinicians need to thoughtfully use MRI to monitor patients and guide decisions about when and if to change treatment. Faculty will review basic pathophysiology and risk factors in MS, common differential diagnostic considerations, clinical MRI tools and applications in the context of MS diagnosis and determination of treatment response. This program complements C190: Multiple Sclerosis Overview: Basic and Translational Science and C214: Multiple Sclerosis Overview: Clinical Advances, but covers independent topics.
Completion Message: Participants should be able to feel comfortable diagnosing MS and excluding clinically appropriate differential diagnoses, have increased confidence in using clinical MRI tools, and have a strategy for integrating this into their MS practice.
CME Credits: 3
Core Competencies: Medical Knowledge, Patient Care

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