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Medical Student Scholarship to the Annual Meeting

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Application Period: October 1-November 30, 2017


2018 AAN Annual Meeting: Los Angeles, CA.

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is pleased to sponsor the Medical Student Scholarship to the 2018 AAN Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California.

We are able to offer 40 $1,000 scholarships to US and Canadian medical students who are SIGN chapter members to attend the April meeting. SIGN chapter presidents or a designated SIGN representatives are given preference for the receiving the scholarship. The AAN hopes that by helping students attend the AAN Annual Meeting, their interest in neurology will be stimulated, ultimately benefiting the field of neurology.


In order to apply for these funds, the following requirements must be met:

·    The applicant must be a member of the AAN at the time of application submission. AAN membership is free for medical students. AAN Medical Student membership application.

·    Applicant must be an active SIGN member.

·    The student must be from a school outside the Los Angeles area (the funds are intended for transportation/lodging and similar expenses).

·    The student must attend some required events during the Annual Meeting. The specific events have yet to be determined. It is imperative that scholarship recipients advise the AAN by January 31, 2018, if their plans have changed and decline the scholarship.

·    Applicants from the same institution are encouraged to apply; however, the scholarship will be given to no more than one student per institution. If more than one application is received from the same institution and they are deemed equal, the awarding of the scholarship will be determined by the date/time the application is received.


Application Materials

·    Curriculum Vitae

·    Letter of Interest outlining SIGN leadership and activities

·    A letter of recommendation from any faculty member at the student's current school i.e. any faculty member who knows the student well, or a faculty member in the Dean’s office (single-spaced, one-page, on school letterhead). Letter should include language similar to:

§  “I certify that (student name) is a medical student in good standing/enrolled in (school name).”

§  “I recommend (student name) for the AAN Medical Student Scholarship to the Annual Meeting because….”

Submission Process:

1.  Complete the online application.

2.  Submit applications online on or before 11:59 p.m. CST on November 30, 2017. Applications received after November 30 will not be considered. Note: Applications submitted via mail, email or fax will not be considered.


Award Process:

1.  Winners will be notified in in late December 2017 by e-mail.

2.  Winners must attend some events during the AAN Annual Meeting. The specific events have not yet been determined. Attendance at the events will be tracked. If recipients do not attend the required event(s), the scholarship is forfeited.

3.  The scholarship check, payable to the student, will be mailed to the student 6-8 weeks following the Annual Meeting.

If you have questions about this process or need SIGN Chapter application materials, please contact Maggie Rock at

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