C12 - Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease I: Role of Antibodies, Muscle Imaging, and Genetic Testing

Event Time: Saturday May 4, 2019 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Topic(s): Neuromuscular and Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG)
Director(s): Tahseen Mozaffar MD, FAAN
Description: Patterns of recognition for various inherited and acquired muscle diseases are important to accurately diagnose and minimize testing. It also helps to judiciously select testing modality. Furthermore, the role of muscle pathology has changed in the diagnosis of muscle disorders, especially inherited muscle disorders. Role of autoimmune myositis specific and associated antibodies has modified the way we approach inflammatory muscle disorders. Through presentations of common and more challenging cases, faculty will facilitate a discussion with the audience of differential diagnosis and laboratory evaluation. Each case will be followed by an overview and update on the topic. This program complements Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease II: Inflammatory Myopathies and Muscle Pathology, but covers independent topics.
Completion Message: Participants should be able to recognize the various clinical patterns associated with myopathies that will help narrow down the differential diagnosis and judiciously reach a final diagnosis; learn about the role of muscle pathology in diagnosis of inherited and acquired muscle diseases; understand the role of autoimmune myositis associated and myositis specific autoantibodies in managing myositis patients; and understand the various causes of limb-girdle muscular dystrophies, and the clinical patterns and role of genetic testing in these disorders.
CME Credits: 2
Core Competencies: Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

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